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UPDATED:  january 6,  2017    

Working hard to bring the LGBTQ community together.


     The LSGRA Chapter was formed in New Orleans by a group of dedicated cowboys, cowgirls and friends to bring the IGRA to Louisiana.  Since it's conception we have hosted an IGRA Annual Conference that was thoroughly enjoyed by hundreds of IGRA members and people of the local community.  Also, with the help from our Royalty Members, then, we had raised thousands of dollars for local charities in the New Orleans area as we try to bring and achieve a greater understanding to the community of the IGRA and promote the cowboy and cowgirl lifestyles in the state.  We are now focusing our efforts up in the northern part of the state where venues should be more suitable for hosting a rodeo in the next few years.  Our primary goals now are to be able to have the New Orleans area for possible Convention sites and the Shreveport/Bossier City area for our Rodeo sites.  This would allow us to bring both areas of the state together to work for some common goals for the LSGRA.

    We also hope that we bring like minded folks together for many good times, be a positive economic impact on our communities and all at the same time raise much needed funds for our own local charities.  Although our primary focus is producing a rodeo, that is far from all the goals of the LSGRA.  We inspire to gring the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community together, noting that there is power in numbers and recognizing that working under the umbrella of an association makes it a functional group that can work together to make things happen in the community.  We are a not-for-profit status (for now) that allows us to raise funds for primarily HIV/Aids and health issues faced by the community, as well as other charities, such as our Spiritual Centers and Animal Rescues, promoting a healthy life style and bringing the community together for exciting times.

    The LSGRA is an all inclusive organization providing an alternative venue for people to assemble, although we are grateful and thankful for the local bars and the safe haven they offer our community, we know that there are many folks that would enjoy other events and venues outside of them to enjoy, we hope to make them available for them.  We also promote Country and Western dancing, by hopefully having dance lessons and the formation of a dance team and offering them the possibility to participate in a competition sanctioned by the IGRA as well.  Our Royalty Team is some of the most important members of our association, because they are responsible for much of the fund raising and will consist of a Mr., Ms., MSS. (a talented and lovely Drag Queen!), and a Mister LSGRA.  If you would like to be a part of, or learn more about the LSGRA and the IGRA, please don't hesitate to contact us or by checking out the website.

Cowboy Up!

Anastacio Moreno III

LSGRA President

David Knight

LSGRA Vice President

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